Prozessanalysis on an industrial system
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References in process analysis and optimization

Analysis of Pasteurization Units

Analysis and energetical balance of 5 pasteurization units and subsequent development and evaluation of different energy saving strategies

Analysis and Evaluation of COP (Coefficient Of Performance) of Refrigerating Machines

Development of a model for balancing and evaluation as well as for determination of COP (Coefficient of Performance) of refrigerating machines.

Analysis of an Industrial Distillation Process

Energy- and mass flow-balance of an industrial distillation process

Simulation Process Optimization Fatty Acids

Development of a simulation model to generate all relevant process- and energy data for the distillation process. Performing of a data basis to calculated various optimization options.

Optimization Waste Water Treatment

Target of this project was the development of energy saving technologies for the waste water treatment system in combination with a sewage gas fired CHP system.